We Love Science

Do you love science, too? Don't miss out on these other science-focused projects at Expo:

Students will set up and explain a demonstration for which type of soil holds the most water. Then students will facilitate audience members as they have an opportunity to try for themselves.
Students had to build a combination circuit then elevate to a higher purpose.
In this session, we will show physics in action and fire in free fall. Come watch what happens when gravity doesn't act on fire.
"Which liquid will stop the force of a magnet from connecting to the iron filings if we place them in Oobleck, lemonade, hot chocolate, or Coke?" This project comes from the wondering minds of four 5th graders during our "Inquiry Experiment" exploration time in Science. Comes gets hands on to find the answer!
Students were challenged to create a working roller coaster from only paper that would allow a marble to complete the entire track. Students had to use their knowledge of kinetic and potential energy along with the transformation between the two.
Student will make a dry ice volcano and discuss the chemical changes that occur. Student will demonstrate the conductivity of salt water.