What exactly is Expo?

Expo is a yearly showcase celebration where students promote and share transformational learning. Students have the opportunity to showcase their work to a broader audience and engage the community through an interactive demonstration, presentation, or hands on experience. The event gives students the chance to shine as they fine tune their presentation skills and communicate their innovative ideas in a variety of ways. Combined with culinary arts, photography, orchestra, career and technology pathways, and other groups across the district, Expo 2024 is sure to be an unforgettable night.

Why should students present at Expo? How does it benefit them? How does it benefit NISD?

Expo gives students a platform to showcase their work, engage the community, and explain their learning. The district benefits from the sharing of projects at all campuses and of all grade levels. Expo opens the door for students to share their learning with all involved.

Submitting Projects

Can students submit their own projects? 

Absolutely! Each Expo project can be submitted by either the student(s) or the teacher. 

Where do projects get submitted? 

Projects can be submitted via the Application at the Expo website (expo.nisdtx.org). The form can also be found at tinyurl.com/SubmitEXPO24

Can students submit & present in a group?

Of course! Up to five students can present a project at Expo. Only one person needs to submit the project in the application: tinyurl.com/SubmitEXPO24

What if the student project requires a specific software program?

For students who want to showcase a project in a specific software program that is not web-based (such as Adobe products, Google SketchUp, AutoCAD, etc.), we recommend archiving the student products in a digital platform for easy access during Expo. For example, 3D AutoCAD drawings can be captured in a screencast video -- or a 2D AutoCAD can be exported as a pdf -- and uploaded to the student’s ePortfolio.   

What is the submission deadline?

All student projects must be submitted by Jan 12, 2024.

Are all submitted projects accepted?

A limited number of projects are chosen per campus. Each campus has a review committee to review and approve projects.

When will students know if they their project is accepted?

End of January 2024

Event Details

When is Expo?

Thursday, Feb 29, 2024, doors open at 5:40 PM, students showcases are from 6:00 to 8:00 PM

Where is Expo?

Byron Nelson High School in Trophy Club, TX

Which grade levels present at Expo?

Students from all grade levels present at Expo, from kindergartners to high school seniors.

How long are the presentations? 

The traditional student presentation will be 10 min, with 5 minutes in between each session to allow time to travel to another presentation in another room. For demonstration and interactive type presentations, students may be given a longer or more flexible time slot. 

If a student presents, does the teacher have to attend?

Teachers are expected to attend the event to support their students, including briefly introducing each student at the beginning of their presentation. Teachers can also ask questions from the audience if a student gets stuck, is nervous, or needs encouragement. This is particularly helpful for students who are younger or are inexperienced presenting in front of an audience. If teachers are unable to attend, another campus representative will be there to support the student.

Who will be in the audience?

Expo draws a diverse crowd of students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community members. 

Who can students invite to attend Expo?

While we encourage attendees to visit a variety presentations, we also encourage students to invite parents, teachers, or other friends who are presenting to attend their presentation. Some of the best Expo experiences come from students who have invited several audience members to their presentation.  

Other than student presentations, what other activities will there be?

In addition to student demonstrations and presentations, Expo will have many other activities to enjoy, such as: the Academy of Culinary Arts & Hospitality will provide hors d'oeuvres and provide tours, the Creative Media Production Academy news studio will be covering the event live, floral design classes will have elaborate floral displays, the Biomedical Academy will have interactive health labs, and much more!

How will the presentation schedule be shared with students, parents, & educators? 

The online presentation schedule will be posted to the Expo website prior to the event and can be found at expoapp.nisdtx.org once it is updated.  

How early before the presentation should I arrive to ensure that I have a parking spot? 

Expo will be held at Byron Nelson High School, which has parking all around the building. However, routes into Byron can be backed up. We advise families to plan for plenty of time to arrive well ahead of their student's scheduled presentation time.