If you would like to be a part of nisd's expo event, click here to complete the PATRON Interest form and receive further information from a member of the EXPO committee.

Thanks to our Patrons for their support of EXPO!


Most patrons choose to support in one of two ways: Some donate an award in the form of a gift card, basket, or product to be given directly to the student presenter(s). Some choose to offer the student(s) a one day job shadow opportunity to take place in mid to late spring at the patron's place of business.

A few weeks prior to the event, patrons preview a selection of applications related to the company's purpose, mission, and vision. Once reviewed, the sponsoring business may select the winning student(s) or may ask the NISD Expo committee to utilize a provided business profile to select the best match for the desired award recipient(s).

Patrons typically attend the Expo event to award prizes and to see the kinds of learning opportunities our students have to showcase. In order to help facilitate that, we provide patrons with a narrowed schedule of presentations that match up with their business profile, award materials to give to the winning presenter(s), and presentation facilitators or scripts, in case you prefer to have assistance. If you cannot attend the festivities for the entire evening, then we are happy to facilitate your participation in whatever way works best with your schedule.

If there is not anyone from your organization who is able to attend on the night of the event, then the Expo committee will happily award the designated prize in your place and relay your organization's sincerest congratulations to the chosen student(s).