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Celebrate your school during Northwest ISD's virtual Expo 2021 event! This year's event is being hosted entirely through Flipgrid...

How can I submit to Expo?

  1. Find your campus name below.
  2. Click the button to submit to your campus's Flipgrid. Submissions can be up to 5 minutes.

Watch the samples below for inspiration or use the prompts to get started. Approved videos will show up on the Celebrations page for all to see!
When do I submit?
Submissions are open from February 1 -28, 2021. Videos will be approved by a campus-based committee, and you will see videos as they are approved.

Revisit March 8 - 12 to watch our district-wide Celebrations.
How do I use Flipgrid?
Once on your campus's Flipgrid, log in via Google with your NISD email account and click "Record my Response".
For more help submitting using Flipgrid, click here.
*By choosing to upload a video, I understand that the video I upload may be shared on the NISD website, the NISD Expo Site, and will be available on the internet.

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Example Submissions & Prompts

Your EXPO submission should showcase, share, and celebrate the work or growth that you are proud of. Include why you are sharing your topic, and reflect on what you learned and/or how you grew because of what you are sharing. Watch these early Expo 2021 submissions from real students to find inspiration and ideas for your own Expo submission...

Celebrate learning experiences.


This student shared work that she was proud of and how it helped grow her knowledge and skills.

Celebrate innovative educators.

Educator Celebration - Violet .mp4

This student celebrated her virtual teacher!

Celebrate academic growth.

Aaron - Tynker.mp4

This student shared a project he is passionate about and celebrated his growth over time.