The social and emotional health of students is a huge priority to all involved at Northwest ISD. This is evident in the powerful conversations happening throughout our classrooms. Each of the projects below showcase student's social and emotion educational.

Students will run a shortened version of our morning meeting, one of the most important parts of our day! They will introduce the routine, sing our morning song, and walk a few audience members through the sharing of Good News.

Learn how future athletes grow character through servant leadership. Through these student created lessons, students learn character today to build the responsible and productive members of society for the future.
To guide our morning meeting time and to enhance the SEL focus, I created these Social and Emotional learning journals. The students write responses in them everyday to questions related to our SEL Learning Target for the week, and then we discuss the topic in our morning meeting as well. This is something we are doing in each of our 4th grade classes, creating a sense of unity and a common language.
Seven Hills is a Lighthouse school. These students will share aspects of this recognition and talk about the Seven Habits!
In this presentation we wanted to really go into how social media affects our everyday lives. From cyber bullying to text dumping and everything in between.
We have been focusing on social and emotional learning. The students will demonstrate how to "fill someone's bucket" by doing a compliment circle. The audience will then get a chance to spread kindness.