Coding and Robotics

Coding provides students with the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills beyond a line of code -- coding helps build critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork skills. Check out the projects below featuring students who code!

Students will demonstrate coding skills that have been learned during Girls Who Code club.
Students will use math and science content and Dash Robots to show audience members how to code the robot through their board.
Using his experience of coding, this student made a one-player Pong game, that matched his . Come listen to how he made the game and what he learned through the process!
Who wants to teach a robot? Students are applying their critical thinking and problem solving with the cool codable robots, Ozobots. The students will demonstrate their knowledge and the audience will get a chance to code using the Ozobots.
Students will teach you how to program a Probot to go through a Popsicle maze that includes at least 2 turns. It's harder than you think!
2nd grade students were challenged to Code a Poem. After writing an acrostic poem, they then drew/created code for an Ozobot robot to represent the poem. Students will share their poems and allow audience members to develop their own code for an Ozobot.